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Chronic Cough


Chronic Cough

Chronic cough is one of the most common reasons for a visit to a medical provider. There are multiple causes including post-nasal drip, sinusitis, and asthma as well as gastro esophageal reflux. Allergies may play a role. In many cases, there is more than one cause. Diagnosis and treatment is often very complex. A thorough approach medical  is necessary. Your BVAAC allergist is well versed with the available evidence-based cough guidelines. Tests such as skin testing and lung function testing may be needed. Your BVAAC board-certified allergist, as an expert in the management of the upper and lower airway, can play a major role in the diagnosis and management of chronic cough in children as well as adults. We will work extremely hard to find the cause and relieve your chronic cough. If you or a member of your family have a chronic cough, call 208-378-0080 to schedule an appointment or click here to make an appointment request online.

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Common Chronic Cough Causes

The most common causes of Chronic Cough include: 

  • post-nasal drip
  • sinusitis
  • asthma
  • gastro esophageal reflux
  • allergies

If you suspect your or your child has chronic cough, call (208) 378-0080 today and make an appointment.