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Hives and swelling

Hives and Swelling

Hives, also called urticaria, are itchy red bumps that appear on the skin and fade with pressure. They consist of dilated blood vessels and swelling near the skin surface. This same process can occur underneath the skin. This is called  swelling or angioedema. Hives and swelling frequently occur together.  Acute hives  can occur for a short period of time from several hours to several days while chronic hives last continuously for 4-6 weeks or more.

Acute hives occur in up to 20% of the population and are often related to a drug, food, other allergy, or an infection. Hives from food allergies such as milk/egg in a young child/infant or shellfish in an adult, usually occur within minutes up to an hour or two after the food is eaten. Chronic hives appear in approximately 0.5% of the population and are often related to an auto-immune process. Chronic hives may be very severe and difficult to control. Your BVAAC allergist is well-trained to care for the entire spectrum of hives.

Your BVAAC board-certified allergist will evaluate you for a cause and if necessary adequately control your hives with medication. Hives can be well-controlled in almost every case! If you or a member of your family are troubled by hives and/or swelling, we encourage you to give us a call today at (208)-378-0080 or click here to make an appointment request online.

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Hives Symptoms

Symptoms for hives include: 

  • itching
  • swelling of the surface of the skin into red or skin-colored welts
  • welts or wheals may get bigger, spread, and join others to form larger areas of flat, raised skin

If you suspect your or your child has hives, call (208) 378-0080 today and make an appointment.