Allergic to penicillin? Think again!

Penicillin allergy is one of the most commonly reported drug allergies. Unfortunately, penicillins are also some of the most recommended, effective, and commonly used antibiotics to treat various types of infections. When you are labeled “penicillin allergic,” it forces your doctors to use alternative, more broad-spectrum antibiotics which have been shown to have more potential for side effects, increase the risk of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria, and also increase the risk of developing surgical site infections when used perioperatively. About 90% of people who are labeled penicillin allergic either never truly were allergic or have outgrown the allergy with time. Celebrate “National Penicillin Allergy Day” with us on 9/28 by coming in for an evaluation to find out if you are truly allergic. The evaluation takes less than 90 minutes and skin tests are not always needed!