Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing, also called spirometry, is commonly performed in our office in patients five years of age and above who we suspect might have asthma. In many cases, this is the only way that the presence of asthma can be detected. The presence of asthma may be demonstrated by spirometry despite minimal symptoms and a normal lung exam by stethoscope. This often occurs because the person becomes so accustomed to his/her asthma that the symptoms are no longer noticed.

The test consists of blowing into a machine which measures the airflow. There will be a computer screen with an incentive picture. You will be asked to blow out very hard and fast and then to continue blowing for a long period of time. The nurse/medical assisstant may use the words “blast” and “squeeze” You may be asked to do this up to eight times based on your technique. You may feel tired and short of breath after this procedure. We appreciate your effort and it will help us improve your our medcal care for you.

Your BVAAC allergist will interpret the spirometry and incorporate it into your treatment plan. One of the most important pieces of information from a spirometry is the amount of air that is blown out in one second (FEV-1). One of the major goals of your treatment plan will be to normalize your lung function (FEV-1).

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