Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

Allergic rhinitis, affects an estimated 40-50 million Americans. There are two major types: (seasonal allergic rhinitis) or (hay fever), caused by pollens and year-round rhinitis (perennial allergic rhinitis), caused by animal allergens, dust mites and indoor mold. Individuals frequently have both types. The symptoms, which can be very severe, include nasal and eye itching, stuffiness, sneezing, nasal discharge, and post nasal drip. These symptoms cause much suffering and often interfere with your ability do daily activities as well as get adequate sleep. In fact, allergic rhinitis, especially if untreated, may increase your risk of developing asthma and sinusitis. Allergic rhinitis often starts in childhood or young adulthood and usually persists for many years.

In southwest Idaho, the major pollens include trees, which pollinate from (February to May), grasses which pollinate from (May to July), and weeds (esp. sagebrush) which pollinate from August through the end of October. Year-round allergic rhinitis is usually caused by animals in southwest Idaho. Dust mites as well as indoor molds are less common because of the lack of moisture. However, if there is excessive dampness, and/or bedding and pillows are brought in from more humid regions, dust mite and/or indoor mold allergy may occur.

Allergic rhinitis can be effectively treated by your BVAAC board-certified allergist, who is an expert based on extensive training and clinical experience. Treatment includes avoidance, medications, and in some cases allergy shots. Allergy shots reduce your allergies long-term, even after they are discontinued. Allergy shots are cost-effective and may prevent the onset of new allergies as well as asthma.

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